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Arduous Interview Processes

By August 22, 2013CMF Blog

A recent article brought to light the many ways that companies can fatigue (or even lose) candidates during an interview process – from Google’s double digit number of interviews to leaving a candidate hanging for weeks without a decision.  An interview process that is unorganized becomes a reflection of the employer. Here at CMF, our executive recruiting team sees both sides of the exchange and offers the following advice to companies in the midst of recruiting and to candidates who find themselves in a challenging interview process:

  • For our private equity and middle-market clients in the midst of recruiting C-level executives:
    • Iron out the interview process details before the process begins, including drafting a distinct and comprehensive job description, establishing and prepping the internal interview team, ensuring schedules allow for the timely interviews, and mapping out the specific role of each interviewer by establishing a specific set of coverage areas for each
    • Consider using additional interview methods (conference lines/video interviews/live interviews) to expedite timing and accommodate more people within one interview for a panel discussion; this cuts down on interview lag time and gets a bigger consensus of a candidate’s value
    • Come to a timely decision on specific candidates and whether or not they will move forward in the process, and be sure to let them know
  • For our executive recruitment candidates:
    • Be patient during a lengthy interview process that may involve multiple in-person interviews and repetitive questions; this typically indicates that a prospective employer is serious about getting the right person in the chair
    • Keep your answers to repetitive questions straight and remain upbeat
    • Do not hesitate to ask questions about the process and when you can expect feedback
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