CMF’s Audit Ease™ Program provides expert financial, accounting, and project management resources to ensure your company is equipped for audit requirements from lending institutions, shareholders, and regulators. We work with your finance team and external auditors throughout the annual audit process, prepare opening balance sheets and M&A accounting entries, and re-create historical financial statements.


  • CMF quickly integrates with your company, working alongside your finance team and auditors as an independent resource to help navigate simple to complex audits
  • Our project managers guide the audit to completion, so business owners and executives can focus on day-to-day operations and keep their minds at ease
  • We install a solid reporting template for future reporting, ensuring all subsequent audits will go smoothly


  • Expertise: Our Big 4-trained directors and managing directors have decades of experience in managing audit processes and project management
  • Efficient: We obtain the information your auditors require quickly
  • Partnerships: CMF employees become part of the team immediately, and work seamlessly with your company and accountants