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Certainty vs. Uncertainty

By November 9, 2012Newsletters

Predictions are in! The latest edition of CMF’s “Predictions from the Center Mid-Field,” our annual review of economic, socio-political, and industry trends and indicators for the coming year, include projections for continued improving unemployment rates, a bolstered GDP and a reduced budget deficit. Read CMF’s full 2013 Predictions from the Center Mid-Field to see our projections for economic activity in 2013, as well as perspectives on specific industries and countries — and add your comments about our forecast.

Also, check out how CMF did on our 2012 predictions on matters including economic activity, Syria’s Assad regime, the 2012 election, and skilled labor.

With the US election over, the uncertainty surrounding policies from Washington will diminish. While other sources of regulatory and global uncertainty will no doubt surface, we believe that the global volatility caused by economic, political, and regulatory events will decline, creating a more certain environment for investment and growth. Although tax rates will likely increase, here’s to a prosperous 2013!

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