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D-Day Anniversary

By June 6, 2014CMF Blog

Today marks the 70th anniversary of “D-Day,” the invasion of Normandy, and two days ago, Chester Nez, the last of the original Navajo code masters whose communication methods stumped the Japanese, passed away. Most of the soldiers that landed on the beaches of Normandy were in their early to mid-twenties seventy years ago, which would mean that those WWII vets who are still alive today would be in their early to mid-nineties.

We all know one or two of these old-time, American classics. In celebration of seventy years, let’s call the WWII vets that we know and thank them for their service – the work that they did some seventy years ago launched a period of relative political and economic stability that has enabled those of us in the M&A business today to practice our craft of creating meaningful value, profitably.

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