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A Decade of Thanks

By August 27, 2011Newsletters

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Clients,

Ten years ago today, I incorporated an entity named January Holdings, LLC, which was subsequently re-named, CMF Associates, LLC. Now, as we celebrate our ten-year anniversary from original incorporation, I wanted to share some thoughts from this journey as we enter our second decade.

The original name of January Holdings had personal significance to me in 2001: the name was oriented around the Roman God Janus – the God of beginnings and endings with one face looking forward and a second face looking backward. Back in August 2001, I was finishing up chemotherapy treatments for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was finally beginning to look forward to what was next.

After nearly ten months of treatment, I went into remission and started playing indoor soccer again – this sparked the genesis of CMF. Center Mid-Field. In soccer, center mid-fielder is a playmaking, coordinating role and is often viewed as a pivotal player in setting up attacks and scoring goals; great teams rarely succeed without skillful, commanding center mid-fielders. January Holdings was renamed CMF Associates with the idea that on the “business field,” if one was to optimize the opportunities for success in the increasingly hypercompetitive and global world, a strong, coordinating center mid-fielder was required.

Fast forward ten years, our business is focused on supporting the activities of PE-backed, privately-held and publicly-traded companies across the country, helping them to manage through periods of transaction and transition by delivering on financial/operational consulting, executive search, and deal origination business lines.

Throughout this ten-year journey I have been blessed by being able to work with some of the best in the business – people who had options as to where they would like to work and chose to work at CMF serving the middle-market. Particularly I would like to wholeheartedly thank Seth Goldblum, my business partner and friend for nearly twenty years, without whose efforts I may still be working from the den!

In addition, Kathy Kehoe, whose astute understanding of talent, people issues and organization structure and keen sense of humor has provided our organization with a partner who is ahead of the pack, making sure our firm and our clients get the best. Furthermore, I want to thank the entire team at CMF, present and past, particularly Yonca Agatan, Adrian Mantini, Dan Mahoney, Sue Busch, Lauren Molish, Mark Camerote and Brad Glass, who have all helped get our firm into its second decade.

Lastly, in 2002, as things started to get moving, there were two people who took a leap of faith and engaged me as a temporary CFO/consultant within their portfolios: Kate Lehman of Lincolnshire Management and Joe Hawke of Hawke Capital. Kate and Joe got me started in this business – thanks to both of them in particular and to the clients, bankers, accountants, lawyers, executives and others who trust CMF and put your organizations, people and transition plans into our hands for stewardship and care.

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