CMF’s executive coaching services assist finance executives through new challenges and changing financial environments. We provide critical training tools and skill sets to A-level finance talent, so they can adapt to new regulations or situations and develop a strategy to move forward.


  • CMF performs a “deep dive” to fully understand the challenges and priorities of the business and the executive (i.e. identify the gaps)
  • We provide a consultant who has been through similar situations and faced similar challenges, so they can provide guidance and mentoring to your CFO, either on a full-time or part-time basis depending on the CFO/company’s needs
  • Our consultant will work with the CFO to address and close the gaps identified in the deep dive


  • Experience: We have “seen it all” during our long tenure in the middle-market, so we are able to assess your situation quickly to identify any knowledge or skill gaps
  • Team: All of our consultants have been “in the chair” before, and will provide meaningful guidance for CFOs experiencing these new changes or challenges for the first time
  • Efficiency: We respond quickly and leave a positive, lasting impact on your company and your executive