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Finish Strong

By September 25, 2012Newsletters

In today’s business world, corporate disappointment seems to come more frequently, faster, and often with substantive consequences. The real challenge in 2012 is the difficulty in predicting potential sources of disappointment so that we can be more proactive in resolving the issues.

The experience of the 2012 Philadelphia Phillies might offer a model for potential recovery from disappointment – prior to July 8, 2012, the Phillies had a .425 winning percentage, caused by injury (particularly Ryan Howard and Chase Utley), a faltering offense with a .234 batting average, and a struggling pitching staff with an ERA of 4.24. However, since July 8, 2012, the Phillies have had a .613 winning percentage, a .246 batting average, and a 3.32 ERA, which is enabling them to finish strong and potentially earn a “wild card” spot in the playoffs. This strong finish is a result of:

  • Trades – while Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino may have been fan favorites and excellent defensive players, the Phillies needed to clean house a bit and reinvigorate the offense. Do you need to make some personnel moves to boost your “offense?”
  • Exceptional Leadership – Charlie Manuel (Manager) continues to lead the team in his “behind-the-scenes,” knowledgeable way, even benching all-star and veteran Jimmy Rollins for not “hustling.” He also created a vision and path to a playoff berth for the team late in the season. Can you do the same for your team as you approach the fourth quarter into year-end?
  • Focus on the Basics – this team has collectively rallied (finally!) around the basics of pitching, solid defense, and clutch hitting. Are you reinforcing the basics in your selling, delivering, and service operations?

The Phillies may not lead their division, but it looks like they will lead in wins for September and could very well be headed to the playoffs after all. Either way, it sets the table for a good 2013.

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