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Fund and Deliver

By November 25, 2014CMF Blog

Earlier this month, we assembled the entire CMF team for a day-long training session on management and leadership in today’s dynamic environment, with Paulette Gabriel of Key Leadership designing and facilitating the program. The day was fantastic and I learned a few things:

1. We designed the program from the ground-up based on the special needs of our teams serving finance departments and middle-market private equity

Learning: this is the way to go in any training today

2. Our program involved the entire team, from administrative support to managing directors, and it was productive to hear all perspectives

Learning: if the entire team is in the foxhole during the work day, forget about rank and assemble the entire team in training

3. Initial focus on leadership and management has established a consistent knowledge platform upon which specific skills can be honed (such as conflict prevention/resolution, coaching, and effective listening)

Learning: these are the keys to competitive advantage

During the late nineties, large companies provided a significant amount of such training to employees; however, over the years, these programs have been culled. Budget season is upon us as we prepare for 2015 – organizations that fund and deliver relevant training programs will win!

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