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The 2012 London Summer Olympics are now over and it seems there was a return to true sportsmanship and greatness at these games, especially compared to 2008’s games which were riddled with doping and cheating. As Michael Phelps, Misty & Kerri, Hope Solo, and the gymnastics “Fab Five” brought home the gold for the US, it seems that the economy is also inching closer towards “gold.”

The commitment to excellence, stoicism, and maturity demonstrated by the athletes this year sends a good message, which can be applied to the “working world” as well:

  • Training and practice – Our athletes demonstrated the benefits of ongoing commitment to the basics in sport, and it seems we are moving back to the basics in work.
  • Passion and overcoming obstacles – How about the Saudi runner, Sarah Attar, who pushed through the 800m event to the finish line even though she was more than 43 seconds behind the leader? People like Attar provide an example to all of us that the important thing is to keep believing and moving forward.
  • The ” Women’s Games” – The US women would have placed fifth in total medals amongst countries and Saudi Arabia finally allowed women to compete in the Olympic games. A Tunisian woman also earned a silver medal in the women’s 3000m Steeplechase event, the first women’s medal for her country. Our business community would do well to look to these role models and increase the participation of women in all aspects of the global working world.

After watching the 2012 Olympics, I was left with a sole, simple emotion of feeling good; perhaps the examples set by these leader athletes are reminders of the basic tenets of success.

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