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History of Predictions

By December 31, 2015Newsletters

In the fall of each of the past nine years, CMF has published its annual predictions for the subsequent year. On this dawn of 2016, we have posted here the predictions for next year, which were released in November 2015. Two months on, our predictions of WTI crude oil prices averaging $49 per barrel and the Ten-Year Treasury rate averaging 2.75% look to be at risk and our predictions for specialty retail stores closing in record numbers and ISIS being pushed out of Iraq look to be forthcoming.

Also, since 2008 we have reported on the actual accuracy of our predictions. We were prescient in regards to our prediction in October 2008 of a “natural gas and oil boom starting in the U.S.” and had some misses with regards to the Federal Funds rates and GDP over the years. Click here for the details by year and revisit the economic, industry and socio-political environment as we entered, survived, and exited the “Great Recession”.

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