As part of our risk management services, CMF’s internal financial controls help you manage financial reporting risks by assessing internal control infrastructure, enhancing the reliability of reported financials.


  • CMF performs a two- to three-day on-site “deep dive” at the company to fully understand the situation and the company’s true needs
  • Our directors, who are Big-4 veterans, quickly identify and assess key financial controls
  • Whether you have regulated SOX compliance needs or are looking to improve overall governance framework, we work with your management team to develop and implement a plan of action to correct controls identified as problem areas


  • Expertise: Our Big 4-trained directors and managing directors have decades of experience in assessing middle-market finance departments
  • Practical Solutions: We understand the risks you face because we have been “in the chair,” allowing us to quickly identify the best solution for your specific situation
  • Process: CMF has a structured process to identify and assess key control risks and how they are managed; we enhance your ability to maximize potential by managing those risks effectively