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The Not-so-Lonely Star State

By March 12, 2014CMF Blog

Lately, our financial executive search team has noticed an uptick in filling positions in Texas – at any given time in the past 18 months, we have been working to fill a role for a private equity fund in the Lone Star State. Also, many of the candidates we are speaking with are hearing about other Texas-based opportunities from a significant number of recruiters nationally.

This recruitment development is consistent with the details contained in PitchBook’s 2014 Annual U.S. Private Equity Breakdown Report that showed 256 of a total of 2,124 private equity deals done nationally in 2013 were done in Texas (second only to California which did 277 deals, and followed by New York with 146). This makes sense considering Texas is known for its limited government, limited regulations, and lack of state income tax.

Looking for growth? Open an office in Texas!

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