CMF’s performance improvement consulting service focuses on enhancing processes to increase output quality, leading to better performance within your entire organization. Whether by growing your top line or shrinking costs, CMF can help improve your finance operations so your company can run more effectively and efficiently.


  • CMF performs an analysis to determine the true needs of your company, and develops a plan to improve overall performance
  • We ensure that your executive team’s strategic goals are met, either by improving operational performance, shrinking costs, or growing top line revenues through customer/market analysis
  • We implement a long-term plan for continuous strategic development and improvement


  • Experience: Our long tenure in the middle-market means that we have seen it all, and can easily identify the cause(s) hindering your performance improvement
  • Process: CMF has a proven methodology and approach that allows our consultants to get up to speed quickly and leave a lasting, positive impact
  • Team: All of our consultants have hands-on experience in improving finance operations and developing more effective business operations while “in the chair”