CMF’s post-transaction FORWARD Program is a 90- to 120-day service module that develops critical relationships for success and ensures your acquisition gets off to a good start. CMF strengthens accounting infrastructure and reporting capabilities, while empowering the existing finance department to operate within the new, highly-leveraged environment.


  • CMF performs a two- to three-day onsite “deep dive” to fully understand the recently acquired company’s condition and needs
  • Our Big-4 veteran directors quickly identify where the “noise” is coming from within the finance department and pinpoint any skill gaps
  • We develop a plan of action with the acquired company and PE management to correct any issues, deal with immediate needs, and address long-term concerns
  • CMF works alongside company management to implement the project plan during Phase II, and ensures the newly-levered finance department is running at full speed within 90 to 120 days post-transaction


  • Expertise: Our Big 4-trained directors and managing directors have decades of experience in private equity-backed companies, specifically in the finance department
  • Focus: We identify key problem areas immediately, so we can focus on correcting the underlying issues
  • Partnerships: CMF employees become part of the team quickly, working effortlessly and seamlessly with the acquired company and the PE fund, as well as the company’s accountants, lawyers, and lenders