CMF’s project management services make sure that your capital investment initiatives are delivered on time, on budget, and meet identified goals. CMF helps coordinate all of the moving pieces of any merger or acquisition, so that management’s focus can stay on day-to-day operations.


  • CMF meets with all team members to fully understand the challenges and priorities of the merger, acquisition, or capital infusion
  • We develop a plan for each team to ensure everyone is on the right track and goals are met on time
  • CMF coordinates the moving parts and communications of the departments and teams involved, including lawyers, accountants, IT, finance, and others


  • Experience: Our long tenure in the middle-market means we have seen it all, and can get to work quickly on bringing the necessary teams together to focus on the end goal
  • Team: All of our consultants have been “in the chair” before, and can provide meaningful guidance through difficult, critical situations