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Recipe for the “A” Player CFO

By November 28, 2016Newsletters


Having recovered from our Thanksgiving feast, did you ever wonder what makes some meals absolutely great?

  • Quality of the main ingredients?
  • Subtlety of the seasoning?
  • Temperature and time cooked?
  • Cohesion of the recipe?
  • Mastery of the chef?
  • Or is it the combination of every single component?

One thing for sure – certainly nothing straight out of a can leads to greatness in the Thanksgiving harvest meal.

Similarly, as we approach year end and evaluate CFO performance, what is the recipe for greatness? At CMF, we have sourced and evaluated thousands of PE experienced CFO’s and have found the recipe for success is in leadership and specific attributes and competencies optimized for PE.

Of the 18 competencies and attributes, here are our top five:

  • Business Partner to the CEO
  • High Intellectual & Analytical Capacity
  • Catalyst for Change
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Confident & Credible

With the annual review period upon us, if you are looking for the missing ingredients in your current CFO, check our complete list here for ideas.

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