CMF’s risk management and corporate governance services help you identify and manage critical risks in order to achieve your strategic objectives. We put the checks and balances in place so you can reach your company’s true potential.


  • CMF performs a “deep dive” analysis to fully understand your risk profile, including financial, strategic, compliance, and operational risks and mandates
  • We provide a senior-level consultant who has been through similar risk management situations and faced similar challenges to mentor and guide the executive team, either on a full-time or part-time basis depending on your company’s needs
  • Our consultant works with your team to understand your strategy and your risk exposure, and implement practical mitigation strategies to achieve your objectives


  • Experience: Our long tenure in the middle-market means we have “seen it all,” and can get up to speed on your situation quickly to identify risks
  • Team: All of our consultants have been “in the chair” before, and can provide meaningful guidance to teams looking to achieve strategic goals
  • Process: CMF’s structured process identifies and assesses key risks and how they are being managed, enhancing your ability to manage those risks effectively and maximize your potential