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Snowballs in Summer

By May 3, 2012CMF Blog

Over the past several years, baseball games between the Washington Nationals and the Philadelphia Phillies in Washington, DC have been dominantly attended by Phillies fans, often outnumbering Nationals fans by a 2:1 margin, and providing an embarrassing situation for the “home team.” A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted the efforts of the Washington Nationals COO, Andrew Feffer, to keep rival Phillies fans out of Nationals Park for the teams’ first meeting in DC by not allowing people using credit cards with addresses outside of the DC metro area to purchase tickets.

This interesting behavior of the National’s management team of developing a rule in a weak attempt to diminish Phillies’ fans efforts reminds me of the tax laws that get written in attempts to correct what the government sees as “fairness” issues, with the end result being the same: people figure out how to work around ridiculous rules.

I hope the Phillies trounce the Nationals and the ratio of Phillies fans to Nationals fans rises to 3:1. Perhaps this reality will get Mr. Feffer to focus on building up his own fan base, rather than try to tear down the efforts of the Phillies fans to support their franchise.

This is worse than throwing snowballs at Santa!

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