CMF’s Return Accelerator program captures quantifiable savings for public, private, and PE-backed middle-market companies through category-specific procurement initiatives. As your organization grows, new opportunities emerge for you to enhance your supplier relationships and better leverage expenditures.


  • CMF performs an analysis of your expenditure data to find the categories most in need of cost reduction
  • We reach out to suppliers, requesting proposals and negotiating price, quality, and other parameters
  • We ensure your savings are measurable, establishing tracking mechanisms so that value is both created and maintained


  • Best-Practice Techniques: CMF applies best-practice sourcing techniques to all spend areas, particularly those not covered by a procurement-negotiated contract
  • Process: Our process allows you to maintain focus on day-to-day operations; we do the bulk of the work, from analysis to coordination and negotiation to final selection
  • Market Intelligence: We leverage our relationships with over 1,000 middle-market CFOs and provide market intelligence on expense parameters so we can set the best terms for you and your company