CMF’s supply chain management services help CEOs and executive teams resolve “noise” in the supply chain and meet dynamic customer requirements. CMF works with your team to close supply chain gaps and make process connections that result in both short- and long-term resolutions.


  • CMF performs an analysis to better understand your current supply chain management processes. We look for production cost control or price reduction needs; missing sales; ineffective goods movement; and any process or behavior issues that stand in the way of increased efficiency, transparency, or customer satisfaction
  • Our team prepares and implements a plan to address and resolve any supply chain gaps
  • We ensure that any new processes, technology, and/or resources are performing optimally before transitioning everything back to you


  • Efficiency: CMF’s deep understanding of middle-market business operations helps us implement process transitions quickly
  • Focus: Our strong organizational design orientation enables us to identify competency and behavior gaps accurately and efficiently
  • Expertise: CMF’s operational perspective is backed by significant experience – all of our consulting team members have sat “in the chair” in similar situations at middle-market companies