CMF’s transition service agreement optimization service ensures that your TSA is appropriate for your carve out situation so the divestiture is quick and painless. We work hard to determine your true TSA needs, negotiate an agreement pre-separation, and help implement the agreement post-separation.


  • CMF works with you and the entire carve out team to determine the necessary elements of the TSA pre-carve out, including the target’s processing and financial reporting capabilities
  • We review the TSA to make sure it has all of the correct elements, including proper protections and time frames
  • We ensure that the carved out entity has the systems and access to resources necessary to effectively process transactions and perform efficient financial reporting as a stand-alone entity


  • Process: CMF’s methodology for TSA optimization enables our consultants to identify a target’s needs and determine their TSA requirements quickly and efficiently
  • Expertise: Our team members have decades of middle-market experience and have been “in the chair” in these types of situations, allowing them to properly diagnose each target and get the TSA right for a smooth and clean separation
  • Focus: We focus 100% on middle-market mergers, acquisitions, and carve outs, so we know exactly what it takes to complete your deal correctly