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Recent scientific studies from the Brain Research Institute in Australia, highlighted in SNS’s recent email newsletter, claim that as we age, “our brains see the world through an increasing number of vision-limiting frames. These frames are not, by definition, the ‘real world,’ but the overlays we bring to it. Recent research on eyewitness testimony given by adults indicates that, if our frames don’t allow it, we literally do not see what is in front of us.” As we add more and more frames over time, we eventually develop tunnel vision. These tunnel vision tendencies that evolve can be prevented and/or cured, but as we all know, old habits die hard.

Similarly, as many of us have matured in our professional roles, it’s as if we all have been tunneled into an area of functional expertise based on our academic education or job titles that companies have given us – we see the world through these frames that are reinforced daily as we do our jobs.

We’ve all been “framed” over the years – regaining this lost professional peripheral vision should become a goal for everyone. Try these wide-angle enhancing tactics:

  1. Advocate for frequent career development experiences outside your area of functional expertise – this will help expand your knowledge base and keep you from becoming too narrowly focused
  2. Take on more of a utility player role in your company – become more involved with different departments and become more aware of the management structures and techniques being challenged by technology and innovation
  3. Enroll in liberal arts courses that free your mind and allow for thinking along terms of limitless possibilities

In December of this year, David Bowie will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of his album Hunky Dory, from which¬†the classic “Changes” is the lead track.

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