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Will 2012 Bring Notable Steps Forward for the Economy, M&A?

By November 4, 2011Newsletters

What economic and M&A headlines will characterize 2012? The latest edition of CMF’s “Predictions from the Center MidField,” our annual review of economic, socio-political, and industry trends and indicators for the coming year, includes projections for improved unemployment rates and a 15 percent rise in M&A deal volume over volume seen in 2011. With the tumultuous events that 2011 brought, there are many key factors that will decide 2012’s fate, including the trajectory of the European debt crisis and the 2012 Presidential election . Until then, American businesses may continue to be hampered by political and regulatory matters and relative uncertainty and volatility. Sample key 2012 predictions include:

Economic Predictions

  • U.S. GDP up from 1.4% to 2.4%
  • Oil prices down from $101.23 to $85 a barrel
  • U.S. budget deficit down from $1.3 trillion to $999 billion
  • Zero economic growth in Europe

Socio-Political Predictions

  • Iraq provides pleasant surprises, Afghanistan unpleasant ones
  • 2012 Democratic ticket adjusted – Clinton is VP and Biden moves to Secretary of State

Industry Predictions

  • Industrial production up 3.3%
  • Retail comparative sales rise 3.0%

Read CMF’s full 2012 Predictions from the Center Mid-Field to learn our projections for interest rates, foreign exchange rates and personal savings, plus an outlook on the 2012 election and prospects for the natural gas industry.

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